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We feature gifts and books on metaphysics, eastern philosophy, yoga, self help, meditation, health and more.

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Shining Through was born as a crystallization of a dream. Today we continue to hold the same idea: create a space of light for all.

Fortunately 20+ years later we continue to indulge the third generation of visitors that appreciate the tranquility of Shining Through, share their passion with us and enjoy the products we kindly offer.

Our goods originate in far away areas as Nepal and Tibet and as close as USA mountains and rivers. They are all wrapped in compassion, love and light for you.

This refreshed site hopes to improve our link with friends, customers and clients and to keep abreast of the contemporary communication techniques.

Ultimately the space created at Shining Through will expand through social media and fill with compassion, love and light a larger area of our universe, even when you are away from our store.

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